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$150 Amazon Gift Card First Prize!

$50 Amazon Gift Card Second Prize!

All across the world there is an increase in demand for college graduates with computer programming skills. Imagine yourself creating new technologies and software for innovative companies like Google, Amazon, or Pixar. We live in an amazing technological era where computer science is constantly changing the world around us in inspiring and astonishing ways. Knowing how to program computers and mobile devices will set you above other applicants for jobs in any field.

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Washington State University offers an introductory level course, Computer Science (CptS) 111: Introduction to Algorithmic Problem Solving, that assumes no prior knowledge in computer science.

We want to empower more people to learn computer science and programming at WSU by recruiting more students to take this class and we want YOUR help!

WSU's Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture is offering a $150 Amazon gift card to the individual or group who submits the best poster (see judging criteria below) advertising CptS 111 to the WSU student body. CptS 111 has just been made into a UCORE [QUAN] course so the poster should include this information. The poster should appeal to students of all genders as well as students from all majors and backgrounds.

Extended Deadline: 11:59 p.m. PST Wednesday, April 4, 2018


To submit your poster, attach your poster as a PDF and email it to In the email, please state the following about each author (maximum 3):

  • Name
  • Major
  • Year in school (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Interest in computer science

If you are using images or artwork from other creators/sources in your submission you must include citations and sources in your submission email even if the images/artwork have been modified. You must also demonstrate you have permission to use these images or artwork.


To be eligible for this competition, all authors must currently be undergraduate or graduate students at WSU. A poster submission may have more than one author, but the maximum number of authors per submission is limited to three.

If there is more than one author associated with the winning submission, the division of the winning proceeds among the authors is their responsibility.

Poster Guidelines

  • The size of the poster is to be standard letter (8.5 in × 11 in)
  • Submissions may be generated using any software or medium.
  • If using images or artwork from other creators or sources in the submission, modified or otherwise, authors must include sources/citations in their submission email. Authors must also demonstrate that they have permission to use and modify these images or artwork. For example, if you use artwork from another creator or source you must cite the source and provide permission from the creator in the form of a license or other means such as email.
  • Final submission must be PDF format.
  • Minimum content required on the poster:
    • A reference to CptS 111
    • A reference to CptS 111's UCORE [QUAN] status
    • Official WSU logo
      • Click Here for WSU logos (provided as Encapsulated PostScript files)
      • Click Here for Voiland College logos (provided as Encapsulated PostScript files)
    • WSU EECS website and main office location (EME 102)
  • Use colors! We will be printing the posters in color.
  • Make it appeal to a diverse group of students. We want to attract students of all genders, all majors, and all backgrounds.
  • Emphasize skills such as teamwork, ethics, creativity, communication, leadership, mentoring, and design.
  • Be original and creative, have fun with it!
  • This year we have a set of new criteria that we would like to see in poster submissions. This includes a description of what will be learned in the class, and class details such as credit hours. Think about how to inform students about the class in creative ways! Below is an example of a poster that includes the new criteria (note this poster was not in a competition and is just serving as a simple example).
  • Example Poster with New Criteria

Last Year's Winning Poster

By Alex Weber

Last Year's Runner Up Poster

By Cristian Gutierrez

Past Winning Poster

By Andrew Cristiani

Past Winning Poster

By Lauren Turner

Other Examples

Judging Criteria

Poster submissions will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Content and organization
    • Does the poster highlight the benefits of learning to code? (i.e. make more money after graduating, thrive in the digital economy etc.)
    • Does the poster describe the basic details of the class such as credit hours?
    • Does the poster describe the skills and projects that students will learn in the class?
    • Does the poster attract and inform the reader?
    • Is the poster organized well and have an intuitive flow?
  • Innovation and originality
    • Is the poster design creative and original?
  • Visual appeal
    • Is the poster going to catch the eye of students?
    • Does the poster make effective use of color?
  • Suitability for marketing to a diverse student population
    • Women
    • Different majors and backgrounds
    • Minorities
    • Other underrepresented groups

Submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of at least five people consisting of students, faculty, and staff. Judges will be selected by WSU BPC.

Winner Agreement

If your poster is selected as a winner in order to receive your prize you must agree to the following conditions

  • Authors agree to make any suggested changes that the judges may provide
  • Authors agree to respond promptly to emails about the poster competition
  • Authors agree to create an account on Slack to communicate with the judges about changes to the poster


Please email us at

Need help getting started? Here is more information about CptS 111:

  • Credit hours: 3
  • Description: This is an introductory computer science class focused on developing problem solving skills. It satisfies a UCORE [QUAN] course effective summer 2016.
  • Overview and course goals: This course introduces the algorithmic constructs used to solve a wide range of problems. An important component of this is developing an understanding of the ways in which information is stored in a computer, both in terms of fundamental units of information such as an integer and in terms larger collections of information contained with a data structure such as a list. Along the way you will implement computer code to solve several meaningful problems that involve areas such as encryption and graphics. It is assumed you have no prior programming experience. This course uses the Python programming language.
  • Prerequisites: None! Anyone can sign up and take this class :)

If you want to talk with a computer science student to help with poster ideas and/or learn more about computer science, please email us at

Also, check out the following links about computer science, programming projects, career prospects, diversifying computing, etc.: